cloning system hard drive

Hi All,
I'm setting up a slave computer. My current MacPro will become the slave and my new MacPro will be the master. I have a current SuperDuper bootable backup of my current system drive.

A Mac A/V tech fella told me that he regularly uses SuperDuper backups to get new A/V machines going. I'd have to reauthorize some things that are tied to the machine I.D. but he says that everything else will be fine. Since I won't be using Snow Leopard that comes with the MacPro, going back to 10.5.8 from the SuperDuper should be fine.

Has anyone done this with a new machine? I've always installed everything from scratch but I have 3 new machines for 2 new work stations and am hoping that I could do it the SuperDuper way. I know it's not the best thing to do but perhaps there are some of you who have done this successfully?

just wondering,
Ive been meaning to ask about the CCC..Ive heard that if you do a clone of your primary drive, you dont have to reregister your that true? I need to pick up a drive for my quad, and I really want to clone el drivo number 1..

I did a SuperDuper backup of my Xeon MacPro and then swapped that into my new Nehalem MacPro and bingo! It worked like a charm. I'm still using Leopard 10.5.8. I only had to reauthorize my Spectrasonics plugins. I thought I'd have problems with others but it's been seamless. I'll be getting the new MacPro when it comes out in the next few weeks. It remains to be seen if I'll be able to get away with doing a SuperDuper swap with it.