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Hello to all - I've been a lurker on the old LUG newsgroup for a while and am glad to see this forum.

I have a project with collaborators that are using Pro Tools (which I also have) but I've been using Logic 8 for all my music creation since its been out. I have several songs that combine lots of real audio tracks with some VI's and I need to get them audio tracks they can import into PT and work with for vocals and overdubs. I assume there are no easy ways of converting to a PT document (I do remember in the old days there was OMF but it works only for audio if I recall ...)

Should I convert regions to individual regions and then convert all to audio files to import into PT, or bounce each individual track as a continuous audio track from start to finish of each song for them to import (long tracks), in addition to supplying them with tempo and key/chart information? Also my question is are there any other issues I need to address? Any pearls that people have done this want to share with me. Is there any way of creating some kind of time reference at the start to make sure everything really lines up right if I go with long files from 0 ? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Doug Zangar

I haven't had to send any tracks to PT for some time so someone who does it regularly may have a better option. You can't go wrong by bouncing from 1 1 1 1 in Logic. All tracks will have to line up.

It may also be possible that if you save as BWF and the two sessions/projects start on the same clock time, the individual regions would be synched.


If the point is to deliver your Logic session to be finished in ProTools (as opposed to going back and forth) then the foolproof method is to export each track as a separate WAV file all starting at one common timepoint (say, Bar 1). Logic menu > Export > All Tracks (this will omit muted tracks). It doesn't matter if they end at the same point. You might have to put some dummy silent audio/MIDI at the beginning of each track that doesn't already start at the beginning to make sure that the resultant files start at this common timepoint. I know this has to be done in ProTools when going the other direction.


Just to add to what Zerobeat wrote - it's also a good idea to name your actual Channel Strips before you execute the Export command. That way the audio files that are generated will take on the Channel Strip names and thus be more easy to organize when you are importing them into Pro Tools.

And FTR, when you are using the Export command, it's not necessary to add silence at the beginning so that they all get exported from the same location. Logic does this automatically - exporting everything starting from bar one, wether there is data there or not.


Exporting audio will work unless you are using any automation and/or sends on any tracks. If that is the case, you will need to bounce out the tracks individually using the bounce command. If bounce from a common start point, such as bar 1 beat 1, this will work just fine.

If you have tempo changes, use the export selection as midi file function in Logic. You can then import the midi file into Pro Tools and simply delete all the midi tracks, leaving the tempo changes intact.




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just a comment.... to avoid large files just make a compressed archive of the session folder (or tracks). The silence gets compressed and you are avoiding a giant sessionfolder. Good to know when sending over the net...

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OMF worked Logic to tools last time I tried, a long time ago on logic 4.8... Had to redirect and name midi channels and automation was only via midi then so worked fine too.

Can't imagine its got worse over the last eight years but not sure if tools (LE) will export OMF natively as it used to need a plugin?

XML works well for audio to video and back. Don't have tools there days to check if it can utilise XML..


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You guys are great - thank you. I did the Export All tracks and sent exported midi tempo information, as well as screen shots of the complete arrange and mixer windows using Grab. So far so good and no complaints from the PT side. I test imported it all into a Pro Tools session, tweaked volume and pan to match my Logic settup, and it is good to go. Thanks!

Orren Merton

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Exporting audio will work unless you are using any automation and/or sends on any tracks. If that is the case, you will need to bounce out the tracks individually using the bounce command.
Actually, this isn't quite the case.

The Export command includes all automation except volume and pan information. So if you're automating plug-ins, sends, etc. that all gets exported. The idea behind this is that if you are exporting all your tracks to Pro Tools, they assume that you'll be mixing in Pro Tools, which is where you'll be doing your volume and pan automation. This isn't always the case, so it would be nice to have an option to include volume/pan automation also, but you can include some automation.