Logic Pro 8 command+tab bug?


Hi all,

Not sure what I'm doing wrong or whether it's a bug, but at some point (just routine audio/midi recording/editing) in most of my Logic Pro/Studio 8 sessions the apple shortcut to flip between apps "Command+Tab" starts moving me around the arrange window instead of switching apps.

Has anyone else experienced that / know what causes it / how to stop it?


On my G5 it works like this: Tab does key focus, command tab does apps. Can't tell what you're running, perhaps your system is different than mine.
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I'm on 10.5.6. Someone suggested to me that if Logic uses command+tab as a shortcut key command, it may cut in and take over the system preference shortcut.

Does anyone know how to look at shortcuts in Logic to see what it may be set up as?
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opt-K is the default key to look at shortcuts, then type cmd-tab repeatedly and it should highlight the various functions that are assigned to that key combo - there may be none...
On my system it just dumps me out to the next application.
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Hey thanks - I've checked the shortcuts and there are none. It's behaving itself tonight so it may be a glitch and I'll keep my eye on it as it's definitely happened at least twice!
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