Compatibility info


Hello evryone, I currently have the need to record with aLaptop (running windows 7) but i would like to edit my recording on a Mac (iMac 27 corei7), now what program would best suited to record on the pc.... that will make importing on Logic easy?

Thanks in advance

As both the Mac and PC use the .wav format, that would be a good format to record your project. I'd assume all DAWs on the PC save in that format, so the program is not too critical.
A hint:
You are going to import track by track into Logic. On the PC you should combine the recorded parts of each track to one audio file. All files should start at the first measure, even if most of a track is silence. Otherwise you may spend hours to find the original positions.
Peter's suggestion is IMO the simplest, trouble free way to go about this. Concerning DAW software for a PC, if it is primarily for audio I would take a look at samplitude. If Midi is also important there are plenty of products out there including cross platform software: Cubase, Nuendo, DP is now cross platform, as is reaper. Along with Samplitude, Sonar would be worth taking a look at as another powerful PC only product.

kind regards