comping in Logic 8 almost there


Treat comp regions like any other region for the purposes of editing, moving and copying, much like ProTools 8 (who obviously lifted their new comping idea from Logic). My favorite comping tool exclusive to Logic 8 is swiping. Within any take folder, I'd like to have the option of using a swipe tool or any other standard region editing tool on any comp region.

We need to be able to use the color tool on any part of any take. When you have say 30 takes, it's hard to remember the ones you like the best as you listen through. If you like Take 9, but you want to listen to Take 24, once you select take 24, you have to simply remember that it was Take 9 you liked.

We need to be able to reorganize the order of the takes within a take folder.


Yeah, WHAT EVER HAPPENED to the old way of using loop when recording and deleting bad regions or colouring good ones as the recording went on?
Incredibly bad idea to take away that feature!! =(


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Quite a lot of functions have been added to takes/comps in logic 9 - including cutting, moving, copying and autocolor.

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