Logic Pro 9 Comping some vocals for a friend...


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I want to import several audio files into a blank logic to comp for a singer,

is there anyway I can group separate audio files into one track so I can comp it easily and accurately.

please help!! :)
To add a bit of detail to Jay's comments: Select all the audio tracks you want to make into a comp, and pack into a take folder (the command the arrange menus under the region menu/folders).
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Pack Folder VS Take Folder

Packing a folder will simply place regions onto one 'track', but you will not be able to compile the files. Do this. Create a new audio track. With the replace X button disabled (on the transport), record a short blank audio region. Then record another one. The goal is to create a blank take folder on the new audio track. One you have a 'silent' take folder, simply drag you vocal audio regions onto the 'silent' comp region. Viola. Each region you drag will become part of the take folder. Comp away.
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