Logic Pro 9 Compressor test using new Slate VBC and Logic's compressor.


Here's a very short movie comparing 4 compressors squashing a drum bus, one of which was Logic's own (very nice) compressor. This is not meant to be scientific as I just got the Slate demo today and wanted to hear how it compared to some of my other plugins (it's very good btw!). Enjoy.



Hey Dave,

Nice video, and a nice idea! Thanks for sharing. What do you think? To me, they all sounded really good on the loop. The VBC seems to bring out the room/ambience in a bit more of a pronounced fashion than the others. In a good way.

The Glue seemed to have more of a subtle attack and release algorithm, in a way that didn't make the snare jump and pop as much as the others. I could certainly see how this plug-in would help elements stand out yet also sit and blend into a mix at the same time.

The Native Instruments one seemed pretty neutral. It did the job nicely, but without a lot of "personality". Also not necessarily a bad thing:)

Logic's was very nice, but IMHO you can definitely "hear" more of the compression. Which is definitely not a bad thing. It's a "sound", but was probably the least transparent of the batch, although I did like it.


Hi Eli,
For this particular sound and for what I was ale to accomplish in a few minutes I liked the Slate VBC the best. But, I was also pleased that I could get The Glue to sound similar as well as the other 2. You can't hear the differences you're describing very easily unless you listen in your studio or good headphones so good job! I don't think I'm going to buy the VBC just yet as it won't help me write a better song:) If I didn't own 10 other compressors I would jump on it.

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