Computer Upgrade


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i am thinking about upgrading my PPC dual 2ghz. I have been waiting for the new MAc Pro's but they seem to be a ways off if they will upgrade them at all.

I was looking at getting a Mac Book Pro or Imac. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I am running 002, LP 8.02 and also Pro Tools 7.4.

Is it even worth the upgrade for both the Computer and software?
Thank you.
Yes and yes. A current gen Mac will completely blow the doors of a PPC gen Mac. And Logic 9 is a much better and more stable version of Logic that LOVES the new chips.

If you wanna go mobile, get a Mac Book Pro (not one of the airs or a "kinda" laptop, a real MBP), and if you don't the new 27 inch mac with the i7 quad sandybridge cpu and some extra ram (throw in all you can).