Congratulations to the LUG crew

Green Force

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The Ohm Force team just would want to make a big cheer to the LUG crew for that great site redesign. This dev forum will be a nice way for you Logic users to have a direct contact with the Ohm force, as well talking about our effects, presets, and computer based music production in general..
As a guy involved professionally in all kinds of commercial music production, I have to say that Ohm Force effects are brilliant, and show up on all my projects in one way or another, sometimes subtly, sometimes aggressively, but they're always there.

Genius stuff.
hope you'll be at our next cohmpetition

Hi LSchefman

thanks a lot for your kind words! Would be cool if you show us some of your music made with our plug-ins for us to comment about it at our blog..

by the way, soon we'll be announcing the 2nd edition of our Video Tutorial Cohmpetition, this time with even better prizes (and not only from Ohm Force); so as an experienced users you'd be able to share your skills/experiences while getting some nice free stuff.. :)

warm regards,
Green Force
Green Force - I will send some ASAP, using the Ohm Force products. In the meantime you can check our company's audio department and music department work here. Note that it is in the process of being updated but still worth checking out:

Click on "Audio" or "Music/Composition" to hear some of the scoring work I've done (along with that of some of our trusted composing network partners).