Logic Pro X Consolidate removes samples and EXS files from my library



I'm running Logic 10.0.7

I use an external HD as my sound library, for all my samples etc.

When I consolidate a song file, Logic does not copy the EXS24 files and samples to the Song's Samples and Sampler Instrument files; instead Logic simply moves them and deletes them from their original location (ie from my external HD)

This has caused havoc with missing EXS files and audio files (ones used in EXS files)... Even after finding the files in the Finder and copying them back into their original locations on my external HD, after opening other Logic projects and returning to the fixed file the EXS files and Audio go walkies again...

Anyone come across this? Is this a bug?

In the consolidate assets checkbox it says "Copy EXS instruments and samples", so I'm guessing its not the expected behaviour of this function...



Something is off if the consolidate function is moving/deleting instead of copying the samples.

If it's just a matter of EXS24 instruments, can you use Save As and check EXS24 instruments and samples?
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thanks for the reply ...

it looks like no files were actually deleted , just moved (not copied)

very odd... no more consolidating for me.

saving as is a good idea if I can't consolidate
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