Logic Pro 9 Continuous un dotted Automation lines



I drew in some Continuous un dotted Automation lines in the Modulation section in the piano editor and for an un known reason logic has changed them the dotted lines?

Is there a way I can AUTOMATICALLY change these or do I have to waste another whole night and re write these lines? I need them to be Continuous because I want to further ad curves. Regardless, I drew in straight lines so that's what I want, call me demanding but I think It's only fair.

This was an arduous process so any feed back on this matter would be GREAT!!!


Doug Zangar

From what I remember (and I'm sleep deprived right now) the nodes are for your reference only. Logic has numerous nodes under the hood it doesn't show you. The lines are the same whether you draw them with the pencil and see multiple nodes, or do two points and see a straight line.

Curves are created between nodes - so couldn't you use the pointer tool and create nodes/lines that are a contiguous line and add nodes if needed/as needed where you need to curve?

You could change existing automation by shift clicking nodes you want to get rid of, make your selection and delete them. You can also select a node and move it backwards/forwards in time and it "erases" the other nodes it comes in contact with.