Logic Pro 9 Control Changes (CC#120-127) - Recording Part 2


Hi all,

In my previous post workaround Using Control Changes (CC#120-127) - as Performance I'd like to explore the Logic Sequencer issue and how to bypass the incoming messages directly to the Channel Strip.

Now it is time to show how to overcome the Sequencer object issue (the incompatibility to record CC120-127 and process as should be) these standard midi messages.

The Recording workaround is very simple as theory...
We have to Transform these messages (CC#120-127) into some "Dummy" CC# (before the Sequencer - in Click & Ports Fig.1) which can be recorded (CC#0-119) after that we must transform back the "Dummy" massages into real ones (Fig.2).
In my example I use CC#123 (All Notes OFF). I decided to use this essential CC# as example cause some hardware devices use Note ON/OFF register tables and send CC123 in case the table registers zero amount of Note ON/OFFs so its is important to be able to Record & Audition in real time all these conversions.

1. In Fig.1 I show how to patch a transformer between the Physical Input & the Sequencer and transform CC#123 (All Notes OFF) into a temporary "Dummy" CC#113.
2. In Fig.2 I show how to create a "Dummy" Instrument in the Environment Mixer layer (and in the Arrange) which is cabled to a Transformer which transforms back (CC113 into CC123) and go to the Software Instrument (you can cable the Transformer to a Standard Instrument or Multi and route to a hardware instrument too).

To try that you can download the provided Logic template below. It works in real time - just trigger any notes and send CC123 from your hardware controller. You can try to record all that - it must work as expected...

CC#123 (Logic song ES2 Recording Template) - DOWNLOAD


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