Control MIO mixer with Behringer BCF2000 using Logic


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I have few question about Behringer BCF2000 and how to use it with MIO mixer for 2882 +DSP. Before buy it, I want to clarify few things.

Can Behringer BCF2000 control MIO mixer?

Is it possible to use Behringer BCF2000 to control MIO mixer and Logic at the same time?

Where is automation data for MIO mixer saved; in Logic? How to prepare Logic to save automation data for MIO mixer and how to save specific automation data from Logic?

Is it necessary to buy 2D card to use Behringer BCF2000 in a way I ask?

Is there anybody who use this Behringer BCF2000 in a way I want to. The main idea is for summing in 2882 instead in Logic.

just one question:

When summing in 2882, can I use Logic mixer to control MIO mixer and how; so without external surface control?
1) Yes, in MCU mode.
2) Control surfaces usually control whatever app is in front.
3) To use the MIO for summing, most people leave the MIO faders at unity and automate their levels in the DAW; so you would store your automation in Logic.
4) It's not necessary, but you will have much more dsp for effects with 2d. 2d and version 5 are also easier for many people to work with than legacy mode.

I don't have a BCF2000, but use another control surface in the same way. It works very well!

My Mackie Control is not displaying the fader levels in the display window. The faders themselves reflect the levels in the MIO MIxer. The pan values are displayed on the Mackie Control. Ideas?