Logic Pro 9 control multiple tracks at once with controller assignments?


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I am using Logic 9 and I assign all the controller assignments on my midi controller (a Virus TI in remote control mode) to the parameters in logic
i want to play with while i am working and it works great.
except that it will only let me control one track at a time, whichever is selected.
I am imagine it is something as simple as recording multiple midi tracks at once
but ive looked all through the manual and the forum posts and i dont see this addressed. and i have a emagic logic control which can obviously control
any parameter in logic at once no matter what track is selected so it must be possible to do with another controller.

I would like while a song is playing to be able to control different parameters in plug-ins and mixer settings at the same time. Right now
i can assign all the controllers and they work fine, but only one
track at a time with whichever track is selected.

hope that makes sense, if not here is a clearer description.

if i assign one knob to the filter cutoff on the channel insert of track
1 and another knob to a filter cutoff on the channel insert of track 2
i cant turn both knobs and have both filter cutoffs on each track react,
only whichever track is selected in the arrange window will respond
to the knob turning.

thanks a million for any help or suggestions!
A Logic Control (or a number of other devices) use a different way of communicating than simple midi CC info, and they are also sending on multiple midi channels at the same time.

you synth can only deal with 1 midi channel as part of it's design. I don't know of a single synth with built in buttons and knobs as controllers that can send out CC data on multiple midi channels at the same time. A controller midi keyboard can, but it doesn't make sounds and is designed as a controller specifically.

No, Logic CAN take CC data, and allow you to repurpose it for the kind of thing you want, but you are looking at some time programming either key command transformer values in the Key Command editor, or making a very complex environment with transformers and lots of cables, a job that would or could take you hours at best, days or weeks at worst.

There might be something in the old Logic environments at Swiftkick.com that would be a great place to start if you decided to give it a try...

George Leger III
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