Logic Pro 9 Control Surface / Logic Issue - Transport Buttons Playing Notes


I'm having a frustrating problem involving my control surface and Logic. (Logic Pro Studio/9)

I bought an M-Audio Project Mix I/O control surface, similar to a Mackie Control...its working great, but when i power up Logic and the Project mix responds (faders up and ready), something sends a midi blast and a piano note from a soft synth plays and sticks, eventually fading out.

Then different transport buttons are playing soft synth sounds, most notably the record button is playing a piano note when I hit it...any idea how I get rid of this problem in Logic? Is it a problem with Logic, the Project mix, or an issue with a few of the midi drivers I have loaded up? I'm using a Triton Extreme, a Fantom X Rack Unit, a Korg PadKontrol, and extra midi ports with a Midisport 2x2...I have midi drivers loaded up for all these devices...

Let me know if you have thoughts on what might be going on, and thanks in advance...


Peter Ostry

Staff member
I do not know the Poject Mix but the manual tells me that it can use the Mackie Control Protocol. This Control Surface is available in Logic.

Page 23 of the English manual:
Logic Mode
Hold down the AUX 3 button while powering on the unit. The mode will be confirmed in the LCD display when the ProjectMix I/O has initialized.
After that start Logic and it should automatically detect a Mackie Control and open the Control Surface Setup. If not, open it yourself from the menu (Logic Pro -> Control Surfaces -> Setup ...) add a Mackie Control and set the MIDI input and output to the ports where the controller is connected.

The Project Mix manual explains how to use the Project Mix as a Logic Control Surface in Mackie mode. And there is a dedicated Control Surface manual available from Apple, which also covers the Mackie Control.

This may not be what you want and I have no experience with the Project Mix, but currently you try to use a sophisticated controller like a simple faderbox. This does not work, it just sends you an avalanche of MIDI messages and Logic has no idea what to do with them.