Logic Pro 9 Control surface non-starter


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Hi. I wonder if anyone can point out the obvious mistake I must be making - and apologies in advance if this is a very low-tech sort of query for this forum. I couldn't find any reference to this kind of problem on the forum, but apologies again if there is and I've missed it.

I'm a floundering novice with Logic, but really want to get away from using the keyboard/trackpad of my MacBook Pro all the time. I've been trying to work out whether using a Euphonix or Mackie might be a good idea, or if that's complete overkill for my non-pro use.

To help make this decision, I've hooked up an iControl from M-Audio, which the Logic documentation says should work, with the existing preset for iControl. Well I can't get it to work at all - none of the transport buttons do anything, or any of the others except the Master Volume fader, which operates the left channel strip. Logic is detecting input from the iControl, but not doing the right thing with it. Changes I make to Logic with the computer (selections, muting, etc) are reflected in the iControl, but not the other way round. I've tried going to Control Surface setup and using Learn Mode, but either it isn't working as it should or I'm not doing it right. I've read all the documentation I can find, but I can't crack it.

So if I can't get an iControl working with Logic, I'm not encouraged to think I'll get anything more complex going either.

Is anyone able to suggest what's going wrong? Thanks.