Logic Pro 9 Control surface problem with tracks assigned to Rewire channels


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I have a quick question (I hope).

I created a simple project in Reason with 2 instruments, and a created a simple Logic project. I then created 2 external midi tracks, and then used the library tab to assign them to the Reason devices. I recorded some midi data, and it correctly plays back using the reason devices (oh yes, and I created an Aux channel to pull in the Reason audio).

My problem is that, unless I set the control surface to Track, it always shows the rewire objects (and they don't have any controllable properties). This is annoying as they are taking up space on the control surface, and since they are not visible in the mixer in Arrange mode (unless I go to View>Show Other Tracks) I would not expect them to be visible on the control surface. And most annoyingly, whichever rewire object in the mixer is selected, all the rewire channels on the control surface will display that object's name (surely that's not supposed to happen). :brkwl:

Interestingly, if I create either 2 instruments or a multi in the environment, and wire them into the Rewire objects (multi via channel splitter), then set the tracks to point to the instruments, the problem disappears.

This does not sound like correct behaviour to me; can anybody confirm whether this is what you would expect?



Oh yes, and I'm using Logic 9 and Reason 4. My control surface is an M-Audio ProjectMix using Mackie emulation.