Logic Pro 8 control surface

Hi gang. I use Logic pro 8 with a RME Fireface 800. I'd like to get a control surface that will control the faders in logic. I don't need other controls like transport buttons, jog wheels and all that.

I don't want to spend the bread on the Euphonics things now. What off-the-rack mixers can I get 2nd hand would do the job? Yamaha 02r? Allen & Heath something-or-other? Anything that just controls faders would be cool.

Any ideas folks?

I got my Yamaha 01x for £400 on eBay. It'll do what you want *and* has transport, jog wheel, etc.

If you want something really cheap, a single fader gizmo like a Presonus Faderport or and Alphatrack are both good at what they do.
Thanks for the reply. Right, an 02r can be expensive when bought new. As Mr. Wilson has indicated, there are quite a few second-hand 02r and 01x desks floating around. Besides, I require at least 8 faders.


Hi AJ,

I was thinking the same thing before I bought my MCU four years ago. The jog wheel has become one of my favorite controls on it. Like superman, it's great for leaping long distances in a single bound! :D
Yep, the jog wheel on my 01x is used constantly.
In fact, I was just editing a project using my M-Audio Ozone as MIDI i/f and I really missed the transport controls on the 01x