Logic Pro 8 Controller assignments getting lost...


There's something I'm not understanding about assigning physical controllers to Logic functions.

All my projects seem to have lost the assignment information that had been working fine for the last couple of weeks.

I just reassigned faders one and two on my Edirol PCR-800, to control the level faders in Logic for tracks 1 and 2. Closed that and opened a new project from a template I created. That new project has learned these two fader assignments, but still all the other assignments i'd made previously-and I thought, were saved as a part of this template-don't exist.

Bug or feature (that I'm missing)?

The Controller Assignments are global and they are saved in this file:

It sounds as if your file is corrupted. Close Logic, throw the file away, open Logic again and make your Assignments. In future keep a backup of this file.

This way you can even have different Controller Assignments by using different .cs files.

So far I remember the .cs file in Logic 8 gets written when you quit Logic, not when you save the project. New assignments are lost when Logic crashes. And always quit Logic before you make a new copy of the file. I think this has changed in Logic 9.
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So does this mean if you move this preference to the desktop it will reset all of these settings?

I have done this and I still see all of my controller assignment groups.

I have a Mackie LC and and LCXT as well as a Mackie C4 and a Korg MicroKontrol (and new Akai MPK88 that I am trying to setup).

I notice so many control groups (heres an image: http://screencast.com/t/oxYyBuGYsdL).
Are these correct or should I delete all of these and start over since I havent setup any of these myself, it seems that they have been setup automatically? They seem to create themselves with the Mackie devices.

Do I need to setup a new group for the Akai MPK 88?
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Control surfaces create their groups automatically when they register in Logic.

The Akai is no control surface, correct?
Then you need to assign it on your own.
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