Controller with Bend and Mod Wheel


Does anybody know of a controller with a pitchbend and a modulation wheel. I have keyboards enough but they are all Roland and have their, at times, not so great pitch/mod solution.
What I would like is a controller that I could also use for real time organ playing or adjusting other filters along with adding separate pitchbend and modulation wheels to my setup.
The Novation ReMote Zero SL MKII would be great except it doesn't have the latter, does it even exist or do I have to find room for another keyboard just to get this feature.
I suppose I could just give a fader ctrl no 001 and use the pitchbend on the Roland but I would rather have the other thing if it is for sale (at a reasonable price).
If it doesn't exist, does anybody have anything, good or bad, to tell about the Novation ReMote Zero SL MKII. I am tempted to go for that if I can't find another solution.

It's for studio use only so it doesn't have to be built for the road.

Peter Ostry

Staff member
I don't know a controller with only the two wheels. You can make one yourself or cannibalize a cheap or otherwise broken keyboard. If you find a module with the two wheels, the Doepfer "Wheel Electronic" can do the MIDI convertion and with 40 Euro in Europe it is not too expensive. But you would need a case for the wheel module and the electronic board.

Almost all of the small keyboards have a pitch- and a modwheel. If you want a controller with many features and almost no keys ;) you may look at the Korg microKONTROL. It may come handy for many control purposes and can occasionally act as a second or third manual.


Ah I didn't mean just the two but basically a controller like the one I mentioned in the original thread but with the wheels, like a controller keyboard without the ebony and ivory.
Sorry for not explaining it precisely.