Logic Pro 9 Controlling MIDI Volume with a control surface



This is my first post here. :) For weeks now I suffer from a thing I just cannot get right in Logic and noone seems to be able to help me. Apple does not have any support for Logic, so I am completely lost.

The situation:
I want Logic to transmit Volume information to instances of Kontakt hosted inside Vienna Ensemble Pro. To do this I have activated the checkbox circled in the following picture on all MIDI tracks going to the instances of VE Pro.

Now Logic correctly transmits the volume information to VE Pro when loading a project. So far so good.

If I move the volume fader in Logic with the mouse, the value in the checkbox changes accordingly and is saved when I save the project.

But if I move the fader with my Euphonix MC Control, the value in the box is not updated. I hear the effect, but as Logic always saves the value in the checkbox, when reloading the project, I still have the old value.

What am I doing wrong? Please, please help me! There has to be a solution to this...



So I'm not the only one with this problem.
Anything we can do about it?

I only use External MIDI tracks because I need my tracks on the controller. If I use Logics multitimbral checkbox, only one track appears on the controller.
What is the "proper" way to deal with multitimbral instruments?


Of course I have sent them a bug report. I may not be overly bright, but I am not completely dumb :) Not to mention that mfritze several times stressed the importance of doing exactly that.
But they don't seem to care. The very same bug exists in 8.0, too. Possibly even in 7 or earlier.

Obviously it is of vital importance that Logic correctly saves volume information and sends it to VIs. Every time I load a project, these settings are all lost, so that makes Logic totally unusable. My workaround is to use the mouse to change volume, which would be ok as a short-term workaround. But as this problem has existed for at least three years without being fixed, I don't see any chance of bug reports having any effect.


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I am not aware of anything else you can do other than reporting.

kind regards


Jay Asher

A workaround is to automate the volume of the auxes that the sound is coming in on rather than the MIDI tracks.


Unfortunately automating the Auxes is no solution because several instruments come in through a single aux. I have to do this because otherwise Logic runs out of CPU power.

I would be glad if many people would send a bug report about this to Apple. The more reports they get the higher the chances of it being fixed will be :)