Logic Pro 9 Controlling multiple external synths with one controller, cutoff, res etc.


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Hello there, I have an issue and feel close, but need some help.
I have my studio setup with a bunch of outboard Analog synths. I have an Alesis ION I am using just as a midi controller. I have it setup in the environment each and every one of my synths (10 in all) and I can click on a track in the arrange window and play any of my synths flawlessly. Works great!
Here is my issue though. When I turn the filter cutoff knob on the Alesis ION, I want that knob to also control the filter cutoff on whichever external synth I am working with. The Moog CC# for the filter is 19, the alesis IONs number for the cutoff is 73. These numbers are also different for other synths (Dave Smith, Elektrron, etc...). So... I need to set it up where the values are transformed properly for whichever synth I have chosen in the arrange window.
I have gotten very close in the environment (midi instr layer) by setting up a transformer to change all cc73, to 19 from the moog midi instr. I setup previously. I setup a monitor between the 2 and sure enough it is changing the values correctly. Now that I have that I can not figure out where to patch the out of the transformer back so I can have that particular midi instr responding and relaying the messages accordingly. I try to do it in the environment mixer, but external instr. channel strips do not show up there. This seems like it could be rather straightforward, but am having difficulties. Thanks so much in advance if someone helps me!!
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