Logic Pro 8 Controlling Plugins Via Midi

Controlling Plugins Via Midi (Resolved)

Hi All, I'm new to Logic (and to this forum), so I'll start off by saying hello! I've used DAWs for many years (Cakewalk, VisionDSP, DP, Metro) and I'm looking forward to learning my way around Logic 9. So far, I'm pretty impressed - most things seem fairly straight-forward and intuitive (despite its reputation).

Question: I'm trying set up a project that uses virtual instruments with Augustus Loop (a long delay/looping plugin). I want to control both the instruments and the plugin (AU) via midi, but I'm having trouble with Augustus Loop. I can get it to respond to cc messages only if I place it in it's own instrument track (in the input where a VI would usually go), then I side-chain the audio into it from an aux bus. However, I can't get Augustus Loop to sync to the sequence tempo from that location. It does sync when placed in a normal plugin insert, but then I can't control it via midi.

Am I approaching this in the right way or is there something I'm missing? Can I accomplish this in the environment? Thanks for any assistance.

All you do seems to be o.k, but many of the midi controlled plugins do not operate as expected in Logic, that's why it will be better to post this issue to the Augustus developers. Hope they will give you the best info.
Thanks Tangra, I did end up contacting the plugin's developer. The error turned out to be mine - the plugin's pitch parameter was set incorrectly and off-setting the tempo sync.