Logic Pro (X) Coordination.


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Hi Folks, I am a Logic X user having a MacBook pro and an iMac. When I am away from home I work on my projects on my MacBook Pro but because of the screen size, I prefer to work on the 27" iMac at home. I have to transfer my work from one machine to the other each time; and because I don't know any better, I do this by transferring the work to an external HD and then to the other machine. Is there a way I can interconnect the machines to make things more efficient; or would I be better keeping all info on the external HD and accessing it from there each time I wanted it ????

I would be grateful for any help you can offer.

Thanks. :thmbup:
Transferring projects to an external hd is a reasonable option that doesn't require much effort.

My cloud use is limited to the free Dropbox. Even if one had large cloud storage capacity$$$, uploading large projects with audio files would be slower in my experience, compared to dragging the project folder to an ext hd.

On the other hand, assuming you're not saving sample files to the project folder, MIDI-only projects could be conveniently transferred to the cloud to avoid having to lug around an ext hd.
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Thanks CSeye. The HD I have is a 1 Terradit WD My Passport for Mac which is only quite small so the HD option isn't really going to cause any hassle. Thanks again for your help.
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