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is there a way to do this that doesn't involve jumping through hoops? the way the help menu describes the procedure actually results in copying the audio files along with the automation, plastering them over the files already on the target track...I found a workaround but I'm thinking there must be a better way?
I guess it's track based, meaning that it runs the whole length of the track (?)..I wasn't aware of the difference. In any case, I found an old FAQ onlline (from around Logic 5 or 6) that gave me some clues, and realized there were some key/click combinations that would do the trick-sometimes with some experimentation. It seemed odd that they weren't mentioned in my Logic 9's help menu, but for what it's worth, here's the link:

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You found a very good, although now slightly dated resource. BTW, Object based automation is now called Region based automation (Logic switched from the term object to region). Step 10.6 is one way to do this, but I think I'd only use this for copying multiple parameters simultaneously. To add to this, if you have the automation event list open, you can open an instance of the Arrange window and it will just show track automation as regions you can move, cut copy, paste, etc.

If you are just wanting to copy a single item of TBA (track based automation) then just select the parameter you want to copy. We'll use volume. Then select the area of automation you want to copy. For the entire track, either command-click on the automation fader or option click on the first node. For a specific area, shift-click and drag to create your selection, or option-click from the point where you want to select nodes to the right.

Then use standard copy and paste commands - copy from target track, select and paste in destination track. Your destination track will now have the volume automation envelope.
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Doofus (cool name),

if you want to find out out the difference between Region and Track based automation, download my free pdf file from my "Personal Manuals" series. I wrote it back in 2006 for Logic 7 but most of the basics are still the same. I used a lot of screenshots in my explanation that should help you understand the topic very quickly.

Go to myManuals page and the click on the Document "Automation" in the middle of the list.


Hope that helps

Edgar Rothermich
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it's all good..thanks for the links...I found several ways to do it. Probably the easiest is to use the automation select tool from the toolbox...but it seems strange that it isn't even mentioned in the Logic help menu (when doing a search for "copy automation"). They do mention the automation curve tool, so I suppose you'd eventually find it by accident. I love Logic, but sometimes it blows my mind how when you find yourself having to do something simple that for whatever reason you've never had to do before, it becomes a brain teaser.
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Hi. When i shift-click and drag to create the selection (of nodes in hyper draw) the rubberbanded box disappears when i release the mouse button. ie. the selection isn't selected. Baffled. I don't know where to turn for help. Any ideas please? Thanx.
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This should work. Make sure you do this in the right order: shift key, mouse click and selection, release moue, release shift key. If you release both together, you lose your selection.
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