Logic Pro 8 copy instruments


Now that I'm finishing songs, I need to figure out how to organize projects. I have to move some projects from my iMac to my external hard drive.

When I save the project, I have the Include Assets box checked, but should I check the box that says "Copy EXS instruments to project folder"?

My "Copy Ultrabeat samples to project folder" box is checked, but not the EXS one. Will this be a problem when I slide the project onto my external hard drive? I just don't get why my Ultrabeat box is checked, but not the EXS or Space Designer box.

I keep all my projects on an external drive (actually two: one is a working drive, the other a backup). I don't save anything but audio files as I know I'm keeping everything with the same computer. That said EXS instrument files are very small - can't hurt to keep them.

However, if you're moving you files to another computer, collect everything!
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