Logic Pro 9 Copy Regions to another project set Handles???

Val Haller

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Hello, we recorded a bunch of live shows in logic and now want to create new projects for each of the songs in the show so we can edit and mix each song on it's own and make comps from the various performances.

The performances were recorded as one long uninterrupted 16 track take of approx one hour.

I separate the songs into separate regions using the scissor tool, it shows that the regions in the tracks all have new region names.

I then copy a single song across to a new project and it shows up fine in the new project with the new region names and only the one song in the project.

The problem is that the new region contains all the media from the original one hour take, hence using up tons of drive space and takes forever to transfer.

How does one set some sort of handle length when dividing up regions so that all I copy across is the one song and not the entire concert?

Try this:

Once you have cut each song from the main master audio file, rename each group of files on a per song basis the name of each song, and save into a new folder, for example:

1) You have a 16 track master file that contains up each song. Select all, and cut out song 1 from the master song.

2) Now select all the tracks from the first group, and in the inspector (where it says "16 tracks selected) double click to rename the files, and call them all the name of the song.

3) Continue to do this until you have each song represented by a group of named files.

4) Next, in the bin, under edit, select the command" select unused, and hit the delete key on your keyboard. this will remove the long files that contain all your data out of the session. You are now left with only the files related to each song, and names for each song.

5) Now in the bin, select each group of tracks for song 1, and then select the "copy/convert files", which opens a finder save box, and gives you the ability to create a new folder.. Go to the drive you want to save the files on, create a new folder, name it the song name you want to save as, and save into this folder.

6) Do this for each of your songs.

In the end you should have 1 master folder that has the original files, and x number of new folders, each with the name of the song, and the group of files contained in that song.


Val Haller

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George- Thank you for your reply. I will indeed try this.

I didn't mention another step in the process in my original question, which I will include for clarity. We have about 8 or 9 of these hourlong recordings that I will be breaking up into songs.

I want to create a new project for each song that has all the performances from the various recordings. i.e. Say they did the song 'One Fine Day' 6 times over the last few months of live shows, I would like to have a project called 'One Fine Day' containing the 6 performances of the song in a string . This is so that I can audition edit and perhaps comp the various performances to make one final version of each song.

In the end I would have about 10 separate projects each containing a all the of takes of each song.

Does the advice you brought forth apply to this as well? Or are there any other routes in the media management that I need to be aware of?

Again, thank you for your time and know how on this. It is greatly appreciated. - Val
How you manage it once you have done this is your method, since everyone might do things differently.

For example, each night after recording everything was struck, so it was set up slightly different each day... in this case I would do a show by itself.

If the setup was exactly the same day to day I might keep all versions of one song in one big folder with each days files in their own subfolder.

The big this: always BACK UP to 2 or even 3 drives. That way if you loose something you can always go back. I'd keep masters of each days master file on a separate drive and put it aside as well, again for safekeeping and the ability to recover from a major issue if required.
George- Thanks again in advance. I have tried the method that you suggested in your reply and it did not work. I divided up the songs, renamed them, selected unused, and deleted. However, when I go to copy the discrete songs into their own projects, it once again wants to copy the original one hour region into the new project. So when the song is in the new project I am able to extend out the region all the way back to the original hour. Although the regions in the copied multitrack appear in the arrange window with the new names, they are still somehow married to that original one hour region. There must be a way to get the regions to just contain the media for the three minute songs.
Uh, you missed the step about saving a copy of the "regions" in your BIN once you edited the song regions down.

Where are you located? PM me and we can arrange a 5 minute teamviewer session and I can show you that way. Teamviewer is an app that will allow me to see your screen and control your mouse. That way I can actually "show" you the steps. You will have 5 minutes, I'll show you 1 time. Anything more, and I'll be happy to help for my normal tech rate.

At this point I've spent all the time I'm going too trying to explain this on the LUG, it's simply too complex for someone who doesn't understand this stuff, and your data is too valuable to you for you to misinterpret something I wrote or tried to explain and have you loose something that you can't get back.

Doug Zangar

Basically Logic is going to make you do a step or two extra. What I do is have master project that I convert to individual songs. Save as under the specific song name. You can save this as its own project, or in the parent project folder as a new project file. Then I'll define song area and create new regions for all audio files for that song, then convert said regions to new audio files. Delete the non-song audio regions from the arrange window. Clean out the Bin of unused files (select unused from edit menu). It may be less than elegant and perhaps bordering on clumsy, but it works for me.

To paraphrase George: Carefully back up your original session files in case you need to go back to them! And one more than one drive, if possible.

Val Haller

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Okay, so I ended up doing a combo of Doug and George's suggestions and it worked great! Thanks!!!

Basically saved the original project as a new one and in the new one, did as George suggested and cut up all the songs and renamed the groups. I gave them a code that included the name of the song and the performance that they came from.

Then I followed Doug's process, of making new sub-projects for each song and creating new regions, creating new audio files, then cleaning up the timeline in the arrange window and deleting unused.

All in all works quite well and took about a half hour to break it all down, 10 songs from an hour sequence.

Thanks so much fellers! Really appreciate the time and knowhow you shared here. Cheers!- V