Logic Pro 8 copying quantization settings?

Hello, I have a friend who has great Quantization Settings and I want to copy them into my template I use when I start a new Session. He sent me his Template Session he uses but too many other settings are different (Key Commands, Environment, etc.), so I simply want to find a way to copy his Quantization Settings (Groove Templates) into my own template... is there a way to do this?
It's been a while since I've played with groove templates - here's how I think Logic handles this, and it aint pretty. Wish list item, I'm sure - to make groove templates importable.

You can't copy the templates from project to project, rather you need to save a project with desired groove templates (make sure you keep the reference file) as a project template and start a new project from said template. The manual recommends putting all the groove templates in a folder before you save.

So, if this is all correct (someone feel free to correct me), what you need to do is get his project, delete everything except groove templates, save it as a project template, load it, transfer all your stuff from your project...... Wow - could be a lot of work.

Easier idea (perhaps?) - copy his source tracks that he created his templates from and create your own - it's really pretty easy.

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figured it out

Yes Doug, it's basically like you said and this should definitely be on a wishlist for a Logic update. This took me 3 hours to figure out:

How to Copy Quantization settings from one Template to another:

1) Open Session with desired Quant settings
2) Setup a MIDI region with notes on the desired emphasis (8ths, 16ths, etc.)
3) Do the quantization with your first desired Quant setting you wanna copy
4) Save this as a MIDI file and NAME it with the SAME NAME as the desired Quant setting
5) Repeat steps 2-4 for ALL the desired Quant settings you wanna copy
6) Once you have MIDI files of all the desired Quant settings saved somewhere, open up your new template
7) Import all the MIDI files into your template
8) Select each one individually and go to Options>Groove Templates>Make Groove Template, and repeat as necessary until Groove Templates have been created of ALL desired Quant settings
9) NOW, do NOT delete the MIDI files no matter what you do! (This will essentially undo Step 8 for you inadvertently). Instead, PACK them into a Folder and name the folder 'Grooves' or something if you wish
10) Hide the Folder from the session if you don't want to see it every time you bring up a new session- OPTIONAL STEP
11) Save this new Session as your new template

There it is! Hope this is useful to others as well...
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