Core Audio corruption


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I am running Snow Leopard on a Macbook Pro using a Fireface 800. After installing some new plugins, my Logic 8 (and Garageband) crash when loading Core Audio. Logic does load without Core Audio (Control click on the icon when loadinig). Its only when Logic searches for and loads Core Audio during start up that the crash happens. Sibelius and Sound Track Pro do not crash and work fine with Core Audio. I have re-installed Logic and it still crashes.

I have no idea how to fix this corruption in my Core Audio installation. One user has suggested that I download the Pro App support software. I found version 4.02 of this app and tried and installation but the Apple software refused to load it on my machine (probably for a good reason). I search my computer for "Core Audio" and no application or utility comes up.

Does anyone know how to fix this kind of problem in Core Audio and Logic?

I would really appreciate some knowledgeable help on this one as I am completely out of my depth in trying to fix this.


Paul Nicholls