Logic Pro 8 Core Audio Crashes Logic 8 - need help!


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I am using Logic 8 on Snow Leopard on a Macbook Pro with 4 gigs of ram and a Fireface 800 audio device. I use Vienna Ensemble, Wallander Winds, and Kontakt.

I was installing some plugins recently and found that when Logic opens it crashes as it attempts to load Core Audio. I have started Logic and held down the control key to turn off core audio. When I did this logic loaded. It is evidently core audio that is crashing logic. I have also tried removing all of my AU components and unplugging my drives and Fireface. Still Logic crashes.

I use Sibelius with AU and core audio and it loads and plays fine. It seems to be a problem in Logic.

Any suggestions?


Paul Nicholls
Need clarification - Software update says I have latest

Hello George,

Thanks for the reply. I went to my software update and it did not indicate that i needed to install that software. However, my impression is that you think I should re-install the latest version anyway in order to solve this strange problem I am having. I am finding it hard to find this software on the Apple site; in particular I am concerned about which version to install.

Does this make sense?


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Whatever the latest version is... Go to the apple support area, download, and apple software. You should see it in the list, if not keep going down the list. You will find it.
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