Logic Pro 7 & earlier CoreMIDIServer


Recently I upgraded one of my MAc Pos to Leopard 10.5.8 so I can run VePro on it (the same build as my slaves)

Upgrade went ok until I try and open K3.5 or PLAY in standalone or even opening Logic 7.2 I get this: "CoreMIDIServer (not responding)"

I've done some research and yielded suggestions like: 1.) Uninstall ProTools or remove all MIDI drivers and reinstall.

Anyone in this community have any ideas

I will bet any money that if you remove,
DigidesignFireWireMIDI.plugin, DigidesignMbox2MIDI.plugin and DigiDioMidiDriver.plugin, from

MacHD / Library / Audio / MIDI Drivers / (in here)

..your problems will be solved.
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Thanks. I hated to loose all PT functionality so I upgraded ProTools out of curiosity to see if that would fix it. It seemed to (for now)

Will keep plugin away and see what other tarnished gems float to the surface.

Thanks for the response - much appreciated.
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The only thing you would lose with what I suggested would be the midi ports on your Mbox, which is the cause of the problem. I am not sure if it would stop PT's seeing it's own hardwares midi ports, or whether it would stop third party use of the midi ports.
Digis third party drivers for Core midi and Core Audio are a digs breakfast at best and cause more problems than they service.
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