Logic Pro 9 CPU Peak then no audio.


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Hello fellow musicians,

I am having a problem with logic 9.1.5 in lion 10.7.1 and apogee ensemble latest (just released) lion drivers.
When I create only two tracks for example with software instruments (I use Kontakt 5 - studio drummer and Ivory II). All plugs are updated to latest version.
At certain points, CPU can peak and then as a result I get no audio. From that point onwards I cannot hear anything from the system, be it logic or even other mac os applications.
This can happen just during playback at specific points where the CPU is very high, or just simply because of a random CPU peak, and/or also when I instantiate a new plugin even when logic is not in playback.
I see a very high peak of CPU that goes into the red, there is no error message which should happen usually when logic encounters such a peak, and then no sound.
In Maestreo 2 (Apogee's control panel) I see no signal coming through. But in logic the signal leds show info is coming through.

The only way to restore audio connection is to change audio drivers in logic, then revert back to apogee's drivers. Then audio is back.

What is the problem? Is this a logic/3rd party plugins problem? Or is this an apogee drivers problem?

Please help

Have a great weekend everyone.

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The problem is you forgot to say whether it happens in Snow Leopard, too, or only in Lion. Did you try without Ivory or without Kontakt? How much memory, how many hard drives? A Mac Mini or a Mac Pro 12-core? So many possibilities, so little time...
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additional info

I am using a macbook pro 2.53ghz, 4gb ram, Apogee ensemble (firewire 400) daisy chained to a WD Mystudio raid 2TB Firewire 800 (this is my audio drive, all streaming is done through it).

I do not recall this problem ever occurred in 10.6.8. I have never had this problem. Audio disconnecting is something I would notice.
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i hame having exactly the same issue... but with a motu828 firewire soundcard.. on imac 3.2ghz i3with 4gig ram.. the only similarity me and you have is that we both use kontakt 5... im gonner try working without it in my projects for a bit...
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forget to mention though my ssoundcard is doing it when just using ni massive aswell in stand alone without logic open... im going to reisntall from lion cd... and see if it can rectify it
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