Crackling sounds?


Anyone have any crackling sounds that are NOT cable generated? Yep, its me again :) This time, after working out some serious bugs, I have developed a crackling in my guitar instruments. I have switched cables, jiggled them around and do not appear to be cable generated. It does it no matter what input I use or what cable I use, or what guitar I use. Goes through to the recording. Thinking maybe my Duet interface is about to give it up. Just what I need, to cough up $500 :brkwl:


Peter Ostry

Staff member
If the noise occurs only during recording, your buffer could be too low. Try to set it higher.
Logic Pro -> Preferences -> Audio -> I/O Buffer Size

If the buffer is too low, processor-crackling can also come from a software instrument or effect plugins.


Otherwise yes, could be the interface.


One thing you should do is eyeball the recorded waveform in the Sample Editor (Audio File Editor in LPX) and see if the crackling is actually recorded into the waveform. Or is it playback only?

What happens if you try a microphone instead of a guitar? Do you still get crackling recorded onto the audio file?