Logic Pro 9 crashed mac, lost project?


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I am still figuring out my new setup, macbook pro and logic 9 with apogee duet. We were working on a project with multiple tracks. The mac crashed, and when I go back to Logic and try to open the file, it looks like it's loading, then it says nothing to display. I didn't have a backup drive set up yet, so that's all I have to work with. Thanks for any help!
Please clarify, it sounds like you were running this Logic project all on your Macbook Pro's internal drive, yes?
It is highly recommended to run ALL projects off an external drive. (ie; the project file & all media associated run off an external Firewire/USB/e-sata drive and only the Logic software runs on your MacBook's internal drive.
(Then your Macbook's drive is not taxed beyond it's capabilities which may have happened here.)

Since you are describing a crash, it is quite possible that you lost everything that you did from when you last "saved" the session and when the crash happened.
Sometimes, Logic is able to take a quick snapshot of your project when the crash happens. You can find it usually along with your project looking like this: "song name (crashed).logic"

I forget exactly where Logic puts projects on the internal drive but I'm sure it is under the local user- Library- Application Support- Logic- ...(anybody remember where Logic puts this?)
But I would urge you not to use your Macbook's internal drive for every project in Logic.
Good Luck!
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Yes, I am running it all on the Macbook Pro - I will change that. To update, the weird thing is I looked at the properties of the project, and the files were still there. So then I started opening windows - and the project appeared intact. I really don't know what happened. But anyway, I will work on my setup as suggested, thanks for the help!
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So, I need more help then. How do I change my settings so I can run projects off an external hard drive instead of the internal drive? I'm really just bumbling along...
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So, I need more help then. How do I change my settings so I can run projects off an external hard drive instead of the internal drive? I'm really just bumbling along...

It's not hard at all.
First, get an external drive (Firewire, USB2, e-sata) and hook it up to your Macbook.
If possible, use all or part of the drive (ie, partition) for Logic Projects.
Drive brands vary according to preference but ideally, I'd use a good brand hard drive that was 7200rpm that wasn't more than a Gig. -That's my personal preference, others may have a different opinion.
Move your project(s) to this new drive.
(Just to be clear, move ALL of the peripheral files that are with your actual Logic project file together. For example, if you have a project called "My Greatest Song," move the entire folder to this new drive and delete the original once you verify that it has been moved to the new drive. (This will prevent Logic from opening & continuing to write to the local hard-drive.)

I keep the Logic icon in my dock. Start the program there and when the splash-screen appears, (just after start up,) it will ask you what you wish to open.
Direct this interface to open the new "Logic Projects" folder on the new external drive. Logic will see this and open all the pertinent session files from here and will continue to write to this new drive.
Remember to hit "command + S" often, and have fun!

Others might have slightly different workflows, but this is what works for me.
Also note that I ALWAYS back up the contents of my Logic Projects drive to another external drive frequently as it is the only link to not losing EVERYTHING when that drive dies one day.

But, one step at a time... ;)
Hope this helps. Best of luck.
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Hey there PerfectBleu, I re-read what I wrote & realized that I may have neglected to explain part of my advice above. Here's a couple notes for clarification purposes:

What I do upon creating a new project is, use a Logic Template (that I have customized to my liking,) then, before I can go too far, Logic 9 asks where I want to save this new project to.
What I do is create a new folder for that specific project on my external "Projects" drive/partition and keep everything organized for that project inside of it.
I know this is pretty basic organizational stuff to mention, but I just wanted to be clear when I said above to "move the entire folder to this new drive," above.
That's what I meant.
If you didn't create a separate folder for each project you do, Logic would just write all of your project info (and sampler instruments, bounce folders, Ultrabeat media) as loose folders/files. After a couple of projects it would be pretty impossible to differenciate one file from another (except for the actual Logic Project Files, which would be named respectively.) But you'd have multiple folders saying "Bounces" or "Sampler Instruments" etc.
Anyway, keep separate folders to house your projects. It'll make things easy to locate & back-up later.

Good Luck, Again!
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