Logic Pro (X) Crashes on LP X


I've been getting crashes of the pgm on LPX. Seems to be isolated to when I'm editing midi files on my drum tracks. Using superior drummer.

Any idea how to resolve this? It's been quite often. Like about 8 times today though I've been on it a good bit.

Also, quite annoying is I copy/paste a good bit. Often I click a midi bar snippet and cmd/C to copy and go to paste and nothing. It's like I have to do it a couple times or click off of it and back on it again so it "really" selects it this time to copy it so I can then paste it. In a world of copy/paste I've never had so much trouble copying and pasting then with this pgm.

Hmm, sorry I'll try again.

#1 I have been getting crashes on logic pro x using a mac on osx with processor 3.4ghtz and 16gb of ram. I find it's always when editing a midid track in the piano roll window. It's been a drum track with superior drummer or even just a basic piano track etc. It seems to be isolated to any editing with a midid note. It doesn't happen all the time, but my many crashes were always in a midi piano roll window. How often? One day I had maybe 4 or 5 hours of recording and LPX crashed maybe 5 - 8 times.

#2 Copy/paste/edit of tracks doesn't work very well for me with hot keys. For instance I often copy a piece of a track to then paste it to another section and when I command V to paste nothing happens... or it says "nothing has been copied to paste.. abort?" So I have to go back and select / copy / paste again and sometimes a 3rd time or 4th before it works.

I have no problems copy/paste edit anywhere on my mac and have been an avid copy/paste etc. person for many many years ;-) lol!

Same thing when I select a piece of a track to split it. I created a hot key S to split the track. So I select the piece of the track (or it's already selected) and press S and nothing happens... so I click off the track to deselect it, re-click it and press S and the hot key works this time...

This just has me running a race with combat boots on instead of my track shoes. The work flow goes so much slower. Am I the only one experiencing this in LPX? Again I don't have this problem anywhere else.

Many thx,
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As you mention superior drummer, a suggestion would be to work just as you are doing, but without superior drummer - substitute something else, such as Logic's own drum designer and see if the crashes still occur.

I assume you are on OSX 10.8.4, which exact version of superior drummer are you using, and is there any information from the developer about it's compatibility with your OS version and Logic X?

I don't have superior drummer so am unable to try to reproduce what you are experiencing.

kind regards

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It's happened with some piano tracks as well I believe. I'll try and kick the tires in a track other than SD and see if I can get it to crash again.

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