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Join our contact list of composers and musicians. Our credits include, Coke, Nike, Intel, Jaguar, HP, bing, ESPN, BBC, CBS, Showtime, Sundance, EA Sports, T-Mobile and many more.

When a project matches your style you will be paid a demo fee to compose one or more original tracks. If your track is selected from a small group of other tracks and used in the finished spot you will receive a substantial payout.

The demo fee is typically a few hundred dollars. Payout is typically many thousands. You will never be asked to work on spec and unlike other music houses you keep your writers' share of publishing. Being part of our contact list in no way interferes with you submitting your music elsewhere.

To be considered you must be able to compose to picture and create unique tracks on deadlines of a day or less. Our tastes run towards youthful, exuberant, surprising and sometimes even messy and naive. Gorgeous vocals are always welcome

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