Logic Pro 9 Creating A Score From An Empty Project?


Hi everyone,

I have been trying to create a score from scratch in Logic Express 9 and have fallen at the first hurdle...

I open an empty project, click ok to create a new track at the prompt, then open the Score Editor window (which is blank). How do I create a new staff to add notes to? I've looked in the user manual but it seems to assume that I will have an audio or MIDI track with regions already in the project.

To ask the same question another way: is it possible to use Logic as a Score Editor without recording anything first? If so, how?




I had figured that out but thought maybe I was making it more complex than it needed to be... obviously not. Thanks!

Pete Thomas

Staff member
Correct, you don't get a blank score template. When I used to teach Logic, I did make various score templates available, but in the end it was more useful for the students to learn using the score from scratch.

ie create some Instruments on tracks, add some empty MIDI regions, assign staff styles, learn about score sets and take it from there. Those last two things are really concepts to grasp so if you read nothing else, look them up in the manual.

It is not immediately intuitive, but well worth getting past the very early and relatively painless learning curve as for the most part it's a very good and powerful feature of Logic.


Awesome thanks Pete. Having spent the day scoring parts I am pretty quick and efficient at it already! You were right about the learning curve.