Logic Pro 9 creating Apple Loops bug


I found what seems to be a bug: (this is mailed to Apple via feedback form)

When creating an Apple Loop with Apple Loops utility in Logic 9 and then saving and closing the Apple Loops utility, the original audio file is not replaced with the new Apple Loop version of it in the Arrange window. The region in the arrange window does show the apple loop symbol next to the name, but it's still the original audio file.

In the Bin I find the correct Apple Loop which I then manually have to drag to arrange window (and deleting the original audio file).

I used an AIFF audio file to test this (16 bit/44.1 kHz).

By the way: in Logic 8.02 on the same system, (so using the same Apple Loops Utility that was installed by Logic 9) the created Apple Loop is not be found anywhere, also not in the Bin.
Does anyone else also experience this? I'm on OS 10.5.8 on a Macbook.
To reply myself:
the Apple Loop creation bug is solved with 9.01 :)
I only get a message that the region length is changed, but OK, I can live with that.
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I'd like to bring this issue back up. I found this post via a google search, and I'm noticing this exact behavior in Logic 9.1.3. Can anyone else confirm? It's causing me a lot of frustration, when trying to convert some audio I recorded to Apple Loops.

I also notice that this will cause the DAW to crash (saying "Disk too Slow", or something like that).

I'd love to submit a 'bug report' to Apple, but don't know if that is possible. Any guidance is helpful!

All the best.
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