Logic Pro 8 creating dnb basslines using the ES2


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please help im desperate! still quite new to production getting good at programming beats for dnb but im still confussed regarding the bassline, everything i find just talks about making square wavs and l.f.o.,s and stuff but i need a step by step idiots guide from bringing up the ES2, for example what sound do i have comming out of the ES2 if you know what i mean as it has dozens of preset sounds and until i click onto one of them no sound is coming through my midi controller, obviously once ive got to a certain point i can just experiment by adding different layer of bass but its the how to get stated thats confussing me, can anyone please help me?
many thanks guys
Others here will be better at giving a step by step way to get started but, as far as sounds go, the ES1, ES2 are good synths for a dnb bassline.
If you really want a good tutorial series, check out mac pro video (www.macprovideo.com)
When I started on Logic Pro 7, this video tutorial series was great at showing how to get started. I still consult some of the videos I have from them on when I need help with a synth or specific function...
I am in no way affiliated with mac pro video but I really dig 'em!
Good luck...

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