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Been lurking LUG for a few years now, well-experienced with Logic, and have never needed help until I started using MainStage. Here's my situation:
I use Logic when I play live with my band. I have set up one project for use with all our songs. It has each synth I will ever need in a given set, plus markers set up with each song's respective tempo so I can switch from song to song easily simply by putting the cursor on the point in the timeline. This has worked out for me, but I am dying to make my transition to MainStage, because after all it is designed for live use. This has not been so easy for me. The only controller I use live is a 25 key axiom, and I would like to set up a concert in MainStage that will allow my to trigger sequences in Ultrabeat using the drum triggers on the axiom, and at the same time play various synths using the actual keys.

My main problem has been that the drum triggers are treated as part of the keyboard range, so when i have two things going at once, for example an ultrabeat and a synth, they overlap and won't let me play each one separately.

I would love to hear some insight on this particular setup from someone who has tried it, and I know this is asking a lot, but if there is anyone that resides in the Los Angeles area and would be willing to meet me even if just for an hour or so to give me some pointers on setting up this template. I would be willing to throw some cash your way, buy you lunch, whatever, I just want to get out of Logic as a live tool and into MainStage.

Thanks for reading.

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it's not MainStage that is hanging you up as much as your understanding of how the Axiom works and MIDI. The editor for the Axiom allows you to assign MIDI channels to the controllers on board the Axiom, if you assign one MIDI channel to the drum pads and another to the keyboard and then assign different MIDI channels to UltraBeat and your VI's - you will not get the 'overlap' you refer to.


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Thanks for the suggestion. Are you referring to the editor software that comes with the axiom (Enigma) or the actual editor on the controller?
I think the editor software is the easiest way to assign specific controls to parameters and channels on the Axiom to correspond with parameters and channels in MainStage... basically you want the keyboard to be set to MIDI channel '1' on the Axiom, and have MainStage receive on the same channel, say on an electric piano patch. Then you set the drum pads on the Axiom to MIDI channel '2' and have your UltraBeat loops set to MIDI channel 2.

There's probably a couple other ways to do what you want to do, but this was the easiest for me to explain on this forum... I'm not expecting dinner (I'm in NY) but you gotta let me know when you're playing here : )


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perfect, can't wait to get home and try this out. thanks for your help, i'll definitely give you a shout if we ever make it out that way.