Logic Pro 9 creating mono bounce files


I have edited a trumpet track sent by a colleague - it shows up in the Media list as a mono file, and displays as a bipolar ( the wave is up and down) waveform in the wave editor and in the regions.

Having edited it, I can't work out how to send him back a mono file.

If I set the channel strip to mono and send to outputs 1 and 2, I get a stereo file, which he doesn't want.

If I set the output to mono, I get a mono file with the waveform positive only, no negative wave.

How do I create a file that matches his exactly, apart from my edits?

It's still a mono piece of audio even if it is a 2 channel stereo file. Send him that anyway. If he needs to, he can get rid of one of the sides and then he'll have a single channel mono file. It will sound the same either way.
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thanks bob, that's good to know. :)

I figured out how to do it, though, because the recipient is slightly uncertain about many processes and the less he has to think about, the better.

I managed to get what he wanted by employing 'Convert regions to new audio files' and sending those - that created an identical mono profile to the original, and included my edits.

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something is wrong if you are only getting a positive waveform from a mono output strip bounce.

see pic

thats a stereo piano through a mono output giving a mono file with pos and neg waveform.

are you perhaps using the KC to bounce rather than pushing the button on the actual channel strip?


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Leytonzz, thanks for the reminder/suggestion.

I used to ALWAYS use a key command to bounce and I came to realize that's not good for mono. You can set up your output 1-2 as mono 1 (and mono 2) and then use the bounce button on the mono output CS to get a mono file.
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