Logic Pro X Crossfade problem when Drag mode is set to x-fade



Starting with v 10.0.0, and still present in 10.0.3, I'm having a problem with the crossfades made by dragging multiple audio regions at the same time. Drag mode is set to x-fade, and I'm trying to move a couple of audio regions of the same length and starting point to the left over some other audio regions with the same end point. What happens is that I get different x-fade times for each track. See attached image.

This worked just fine in v9. I have already sent feedback to Apple, but the recent updates have not resolved this.

Maybe I'm just overlooking something? Or is this really a bug. It is really a show stopper for me when editing multitracked audio, and I have to revert to v9 for this.

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I made a new user, recorded some tracks, and the same thing happened when moving several audio regions at the same time. So I guess it's a definite bug. Odd that nobody else seems to have the problem.

How do other people edit multitracks? Just overlap and then apply the fades manually?



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Yes, I can confirm this bug! It's been bothering me since 10.0.0 and hasn't been fixed yet for me either. It's a shame because I do a lot of vocal editing with dozens of stacked vocal tracks, and every time I try to move multiple regions at once, I end up with this weird fade-bug...

I reported the issue to Apple as well! You're not alone!
Let's hope this gets fixed very soon...