Logic Pro 9 crossfade take regions


Doesn't crossfade work on takes? I cannot get it to work. Crossfades in the Drag menu doesn't work either. I'm trying to put together a comp and I want to fix the end of a word in a vocal track with another take. Obviously they need to be crossfaded during a vowel. I used the scissors tool and made a little mini region, adjusted the gain and dragged it into the appropriate track, but I can't get it to crossfade. Is there a workaround?
You are going to either

1) flatten the take folder first before you do this, or

2) unpack the takes folder, select all the audio parts you want to be in your new take folder, and repack it. Once you do this you should be able to cross fade again.

It is just the way the take folder system works... you use any tools in it, ALL parts must be in the same take folder. When I do this I'll just flatten the track (say the verse vocal) and then move or grab the new audio to be added and move it into it's new position, then fade...
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+1 to what George wrote. One thing I would add: what I always do is copy my take folder onto another track (assigned to the same channel strip), mute it, and hide it; before I flatten my active comp. That way, in case it's necessary, I can always access the original take folder again.

I know you can export the active comp to a new track, but I prefer managing it myself so as not to create additional unnecessary channel strips, etc.

But once your take is flattened, you can easily edit the cross fades between the edits.
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