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Hi there, first post for me...been a logic user for some time. I am gathering some information about custom control surface that would integrate in my work flow...I work on a hybrid system with analogue faders-pans-filetrs and do plugin tweaks by mouse in logic...so here is what I want to be able to do...
Touch sensor in the faders so I can touch any of the analogue faders and it would bring me a channel strip that goes to that analogue fader on a control surface where I have 8 buttons to select plug in slot on that channel to tweak it..Once I select plugin slot I have 10 rotary encoders that are shared between the plugin slots...Also need visual display on buttons (eq plugin, compressor etc etc) and above rotaries for their function (hi boost, lowshelf treshold etc etc) Does anyone have any idea if the touch sensor part of this is doable with Logic?? The rest is pretty much like good old C4 from Mackie...
Any feedback would be great..thnx

Motorized faders?
Avid Artist Control with Artist Mixer, but you only get 8 rotary encoders. Fully customizable, if you invest the time and effort...
Static faders?
Novation SLMkII, also only 8 rotary encoders but additionnally 8 stop knobs, 8 drum pads, X/Y pad, 32 push buttons... Also fully customizable.
Mackie, it seems you already know...
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Hi there, thnx for pointers..looked onto those, my specific is that I want to add touch sensor point into my desk (like for example in AV Smart Tango) and then have that action bring the settings of that strip (that goes to that channel on the desk) onto dedicated surface where I can tweak. By dedicated I mean dedicated rotary encoders layout for for the main plugs I use so that all is always at my fingertip depends on which touch sensor I press on desk channels. Trying to minimize thinking and staring at the screens during mixing..its a big mix flow killer for me.

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These controllers can do that, providing that you program/customize them to...
They however pale in comparison to the AV Smart systems you refer to!
BTW, Tango2 looks awesome!
But how much? They don't advertise the price...
Like an old street vendor in NY already answered me: if you ask for the price, it's because you can't afford it! :cool:
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