Logic Pro 9 Cycling Marker Sections

Jay Denson

Can anyone help with this question please?

I have created markers - verse 1, chorus 1 etc. I know that alt-click the marker region puts the playhead at the top of the section. But is there a way to cycle the section without having to move your green cycle to the playhead? In other words to automatically make the cycle jump to the playhead at the top of the marker?

I'm sure all the folks who have helped me so far realise I'm new to DAW's and Logic in particular. I retired 25 years ago from a long career as a mixing engineer - big consoles, multitrack tape machines - some of you may know. I was also a very busy arranger - mostly on sessions I was engineering. I later worked as a Marketing Manager for SSL.

I have taken this up as a hobby. I'm honestly blown away by the possibilities. I am so grateful for the help I have received so far from this community - I have been spared weeks of headscratching, probably even headbanging. So far thanks everyone.

Hi Jay,

Happily, there is an easy answer for what you want to do. There are various key commands related to the use of markers and locators. Here are some n the screen shot below.

Before you take an aspirin trying to figure out how best to implement utilize these functions, let me suggest this: In practice, as soon as you have cycle enabled, you can use any of the goto marker commands, and the locators will automatically follow conform to the marker length.

For example, you could simply use the goto next and goto previous marker commands and the cycle will automatically follow your navigation. I personally like this particular workflow.

Another really simple way is to simply use the numbers on your numeric key pad (if you have an extended keyboard) and jump to the markers that way. As long as cycle is enabled, it will conform to and follow your marker selections.

Good luck,and welcome to a brave new world :)
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Hi Eli

Thanks for that. I have found that if I drag a marker area up into the cycle track it automatically creates a cycle the length and location of the marker. This is exactly what I wanted.

Thanks again.

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Yup, that'll get you there too :D

I realized I forgot to attach the screenshot in my last post. Here it is; although a little late :redface:


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