Legacy Apps D. Z.'s Soundtrack Pro Explained is now available.

Ah - I've been out of town for a few days and just getting caught up on things.I didn't know it was out. To think I heard about it here first....

Thanks for the blurt and hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to get back to me with questions - I know I didn't get to everything on the program.
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After recently viewing the entire tutorial, all I have to say is:
1. Highly recommended! Fast paced, in-depth, yet broken down into manageable bits.

2. I could see using STP for audio-only projects. The GUI is appealing, the meters are numbered and resizable, the Global Time View, the effects actions, the slip tool, etc.

Logic gives me plenty to work with especially considering that I do mostly MIDI projects. But I found much to like in STP while watching this tutorial.
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Thanks for posting back with a review, and glad you liked it. It absolutely has some features Logic doesn't have. The noise reduction feature alone makes it a nice augmentation to Logic.
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