Logic Pro 9 David Nahmani: Logic Pro 9 and Logic Express 9


I am interested in buying the book/DVD by David Nahmani (Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 9 and Logic Express 9) but there are two different subtitles online: Professional Audio Production and Creating and Producing Professional Music. Are these different editions? PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks.


Orren's book is truly fantastic too :)

David's book (ISBN 0321636805) in the Apple Pro Training Series is the first of two; the second is advanced and has the words, 'Music Production', in its title. It's by different authors, David Dvorin and Robert Brock (ISBN 0321647459). Just as good!

They're both outstanding and can be recommended.

If you're a beginner, though, suggest the first in the Apple Pro Training Series (PeachPit) - as well as Logic Pro.

Good luck!

(I'm nearing completion of a comparative survey of all the leading Logic 9 resources - books, online tutorials, DVDs etc - for MyMac. Publication within the next few weeks, all being well.)
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Jay Asher

They are all good books but totally different. Orren's book is what the manual should be and is not: a clear and easy to navigate reference book. The Apple Pro Training series has tutorials that teach you specific aspects of Logic and how to perform specific tasks.

Start with the Nahmani book and Orren's, then move on to the Dvorin book. Eventually you may be ready for the book by this fellow named Jay Asher.
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