Logic Pro 8 DAW controller key assignments dissapeared


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Hello, I am using a Tascam Fireone a Korg nanokontrol 2 with Logic 8. Yesterday Logic froze when I was using it and after restarting it the Logic no longer recognised any of the functions I had assigned to the Tascam. Having looked into the Control Surfaces - Controller Assignments I can see that all the assignments have been completely wiped for the Tascam.

However, this turquoise line has appeared beside the tracks which I have never seen before.

I am just wondering what this line means, and if by turning it off my controller assignments will return, or if I will just have to assign them all again manually.

Cheers for any advice.

Peter Ostry

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The turquoise line (or a similar line in another color) says that a Control Surface is active. Normally the line indicates all channels that are currently covered by the controller. If you have more than one Control Surface, you see more lines. You can set the color of the line for each device in the Control Surface setup window.

Regarding your lost Controller Assignments, I'm afraid you have to do the work again. The assignments are stored in a file and if this file gets damaged or becomes unreadable for whatever reason, the assignments are lost. It is a good idea to keep a backup of this file:
(The suffix .cs stands for Control Surface)