DAW relevant changes introduced by MacOS Catalina


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While Apple have been introducing new OS versions on an annual basis for a number of years now, the changes brought by each OS have varied, some have been significant, others less so. The next version of Mac OS, Catalina or OS 10.15 is due in October and brings some very significant changes to Mac OS, such as no longer allowing 32 bit software. Here is an IMO interesting and useful article dealing with issues which may accompany installing catalina:

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Just for fun, meaning I have no important projects I'm working on or coming up, I installed Catalina (yes, ordinarily this would be pretty crazy to attempt).

Everything previously installed from a variety of plugin designers has passed AU validation and worked so far, except the XILS-labs synths; they're based on 32 bit architecture I believe. I haven't encountered anything from Waves, Plugin Alliance, EastWest, U-he, UAD, the Apollo drivers, AAS, Arturia, NI, FXpansion, P-900, Softube, Rob Papen or Eventide that hasn't worked. I haven't yet tested anything from SoundToys or iZotope. I got a 'crash on quit' with EastWest Play, but the plugin worked. So basically my Logic setup is running.

I have not tested all of my Waves or PA plugins, only a few to see if there'd be generic problems. In NI instruments, I only run Kontakt, Reaktor and Massive X. They work fine so far.

Caveats: Not a good idea to try this unless you won't mind downtime with some plugins. I have only tried a few functions of the plugins I've played around with so far. As I understand it, a lot of incompatibility problems will come during installation of some software, and I have only tested my previously installed software. UA says plugins may have to be reloaded in Console to get the GUI to work right, etc.