DDMF plugins, wow!


I've been looking into getting a simple inexpensive eq ala Logic's parametric to use in Pro Tools. I wanted a frequency analyzer specifically and didn't want to spend much $. I found www.ddmf.eu and tried their IIEQ Pro. It's really great and is a whopping $39. It works in rtas, au and vst, is 64 bit and has a lot of nice features that Logic's eq does not have like: many filter varieties including notch filters and the ability to solo bands individually (you can do this with the digi eq but I don't think with a Logic's). I'm still going to use the hll out of my logic eq but it's nice to have another option. I wound up buying their eq bundle for $69 which consists of 3 different eqs, one of which is a neve portico emulation. Very nice.

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